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Eurovoxx Talks To Matthew Anthony From Malta

With just a week before Malta choses who they want to be it's next Eurovision entrant, Eurovoxx were extremely lucky to talk to Matthew Anthony who will be performing his song "Tomorrow" in the hope of having the honour of representing Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest 2018. Very chatty, wearing his black hoody, he was more than obliging to be interviewed by Elliot from Team Eurovoxx. Check out the whole interview below:

Matthew is one of the youngest participants in Malta's selection this year. He likes this, and acknowledged that he is also one of the new faces in their national final. "It is quite an honour for me", he told Elliot. Matthew also said of his inspiration to perform, "I am quite a big fan of Eurovision... I've always wanted to be part of it...I wanted to be the actual artist taking part". He also acknowledged that in Malta, Eurovision is a great platform for performers.

He told us of the song, "It is a style of song that in my opinion that has never been part of the finals, it is quite modern, and it is different than your typical ballad.. It might be a good surprise". Personally, he said the song, "was actually quite unexpected that I would be taking part with the song. I was working on a different song since April. I really connected with the song, and felt it was a good song to enter." He also told us it was a vocally good melody, and his style of music. Matthew exclaimed, "It was perfect for me".

The singer also wanted fans and viewers listening to "Tomorrow", to feel how different, and how modern it is. He wants to introduce some traditional elements with some new components to his entry.

Before accepting the challenge of the Maltese national final, Matthew had penned another song before the competition , he told us that he was still very keen on it, and he intends to release it at another date. He may even use it for a future Eurovision pre-selection show. Matthew is a big fan of Eurovision and Malta's national final. The young singer admitted that he'd had been to every one of these since 2010. For his family, the Malta national final was a big event, and as a young child it was important. As a keen musician the whole Eurovision experience is perfect for the young singer.

"I used to follow all our artists... however I was a big fan of the artists, and used to speak to them. It was big thing for me", he told Elliot in regards to Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest. He always wanted to be like them.

Matthew is no stranger to Eurovision having being a part of the opening act of the junior Eurovision in Malta last year. He told us, "That it was amazing... it was one of the best experiences to date. It was the first taste I had of being part of the Eurovision".

His favourite Eurovision entry is "a tricky question, and is Jean Luca's entry tomorrow". He said not only because of the name of the song, but it's, "trying to say what I am with my song... It's not your typical ballad".

The team at Eurovoxx would like to wish Matthew Anthony all the best at the competition. He is young and talented, and we would certainly say he is one young star to keep your eye on.

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