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Eurovoxx Talks To Joyce From Lithuania

Lithuania is well underway with it's national selection to chose its next Eurovision hopeful. The host broadcaster LRT televizija, is currently holding Eurovizijos“ dainų konkurso nacionalinė atranka 2018 to find it's singer for Lisbon. Our man Tural was in Lithuania and managed to grab a few moments with the singer Joyce who will be performing "Breathe". Dressed in black, our guy Tural managed to speak to her for a few moments. She was very charming, and was more than happy to talk to Eurovoxx. check out the interview below:

Joyce made quite the impression on Tural who loved her performance of the song "Breathe". Her inspiration for it comes from her partner and his music, she told us "he makes wonderful music". Sometimes she waits for the news, but was keen to tell us that her life inspires her too, "I make a lot of things... and I write music". It's a good thing too, because her performance is wonderful.

Of Eurovision, and why she is trying to be Lithuania's next entry she told Tural, "it's the feast of life. I feel alive when Eurovision is on, because everything is united. The world is united....even people who claim they don't like Eurovision, they still are looking, commenting and taking a part in it." Lovely sentiments, and it's true that it brings unity around the world.

Joyce told us that her song was about emptiness. "I face a lot of vanity in life, and I face a lot of emptiness all around... it doesn't let me see the real true things". She went on to explain that people move so fast these days. People make a lot of fake friendships, and tend to forget the real things that fill in the soul. This was emphasised when she said, "only things that fill in the soul are real". She doesn't want to judge, just only see the facts.

Joyce admitted she didn't hear a lot of music, but of her competition, "all participants are competitors...I can't tell you who is mine... I really can't". The talented artist appears to be very amicable.

She ended the interview with "Peace and Love", and also sang a little of her song. It was wonderful to hear such a talented singer perform for us.

We would like to wish Joyce all the luck. Tell us what you think of the song below.

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