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Eurovoxx Talks To E.G.O From Lithuania

January 27, 2018


Lithuania is well underway with it's national selection to chose its next Eurovision hopeful.  The host broadcaster LRT televizija, is currently holding Eurovizijos“ dainų konkurso nacionalinė atranka 2018 to find it's singer for Lisbon.  Our man Tural was in Lithuania and managed to grab a few moments with the group E.G.O who will be performing  "Shake The World".   The guys were very charismatic, and were more than happy to give us a few words.  Check the interview below:



These three charming guys were cool personified, and when asked of the name E.G.O, they were quick to tell us that it was not ego, but an abbreviation for "Entertainment Goes On".  We can well believe that when this lively trio perform, everyone is entertained. 


 This is the second year they are in the Lithuanian selection.  Last year they entered with the song, "My Story".  They told us last year was about their story, and this year they were trying to send a message.  The group are trying to make the audience question themselves.  "We like when the world is shake,n and something we do connects us with other people".  They really do hope to "shake the world".


The brief interview ended up with all three singing a sample of their song.  The team are all smiles with this, as they bring so much energy to their performance.


Team Eurovoxx would like to wish E.G.O all the best with their attempt to be Lithuania's next Eurovision entry.  Tell us what you think below.


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