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Serbia: Sashka Janx: To represent Serbia at Eurovision would be a real honor for me

Earlier this week, the Serbian national broadcaster RTS revealed the 17 competing artists for Beovizija 2018, confirming the selection process' return after 9 years of absence. One of the bidding competitors is talented singer-songwriter Sashka Janx, who gained notoriety in Serbia after competing in the Serbian TV-Talent show "Prvi Glas Srbije" (The First Voice of Serbia). Eurovoxx had the great honor of talking to her about her upcoming participation in Beovizija!

1.Eurovoxx: Tell us something more about yourself?

Sashka Janx: Hi everyone! My name is Sashka Janx and I am a serbian singer/songwriter. My first big performance was in Smederevo, Serbia, at Music festival for Children, at the age of ten. I won, and the journey started! Many interesting peformances, concerts, gigs, singles, studio editions... To make long story aka CV short, the most important thing is that I love life, animals - my little mixed breed dog called Looney, natural and kind stuff, fashion, almost any art. Everything with style and big Love, for all.

2. Eurovoxx: This is your third participation in Serbian national selection, when did you decide to apply?

Sashka Janx: Well, I was in Vienna, performing as a guest at some concerts and I found out about the return of "Beovizija". When I realized that I have only two weeks to finish all, I decided that if I write good lyrics in serbian language for one of my, still demo versions of songs in english, I will make it happen. With a help from my guardian angels who I am sure brought me good inspiration in such short notice, the lyrics in serbian were born and the rest just followed, with a great team. We are still working on a few little changes to be sure we are fully prepared.

3.Eurovoxx: What does it mean for you to represent Serbia at Eurovision?

Sashka Janx: A real honor, one of my dreams come true, and a logical step in my career.

4. Eurovoxx: A few years ago you competed in the talenrt show: Prvi Glas Srbije, (The First voice of Serbia) what kind of experiences do you carry from there?

Sashka Janx: Very good ones! That was a big step for me, because I was never really a type of person for competitions of that kind. Before that, I already had few singles, many big performances and enough experience, but it brought me a new one - many good memories, friendships, and enough fame during the show so that many people can hear my music, and I can carry on in a greater way. Now, I am thankful for that experience in my life.

5. Eurovoxx: You are songwriter too, could you tell us something more about your songwriting carrer?

Sashka Janx: Yes. I wrote music and lyrics for many artists, for me too, in most of my songs. At first only in pop genres, but then as I got more experienced and better, also for my colleagues from folk music genre. The biggest name from Balkans that I had an honor to write for is our amazing folk diva Dragana Mirkovic.

6. Eurovoxx: Last year you performed in Vienna and met Conchita Wurst, could you enlighten us on some of the experiences you had there?

Sashka Janx: Last year in february I got an invite from one of the greatest guitar legends in Austria - mister Harri Stojka, to share the stage with him and sing his version of famuous roma anthem "Gelem, Gelem" at the great opening of Vienna festival days. Then, when rehearsals for the big event started, I got informed that Conchita is our host for the evening, also a performer. It was an honor to meet such a great artist, lovely and kind person, and amazing professionalism there. I am so grateful for being able to work with such big names in Austria.

7. Eurovoxx: You are also famous in Serbia as a backing vocalist, what is different when you’re performing as a lead or backing vocalist?

Sashka Janx: Ever since I was a kid I sang both, back and lead. They both have their lovely sides. But my path is definitely to be the lead. I was just always more for that, also because of songwriting.

8. Eurovoxx: You have experience with Eurovision as a backing vocalist from 2010,2011 and 2015, how do you feel looking back at your times then?

Sashka Janx: I will be short: very grateful, biggest experience 'till now. 2011 was the best because I was in a great place in my life at that point, but the other two were also a blast. Since then I became an ESC fan!

9. Eurovoxx: The name of your song is 'The song for you', could you maybe give us a little piece of information more about it?

Sashka Janx: You will hear „The Song for you“ when national selection reveals the details. Before that, I will just tell you that it definetely sounds like me, and I trust in it. For previous songs i wasn't shure enough because I didn't write them. For me, it was always not being only the performer but the author as well.

10. Eurovoxx: Which is your favorite Eurovision song ever?

Sashka Janx: Not sure I can pick one. There are few, and by few I mean at least 10 I could say I really like or love.

11. Eurovoxx: Your plans after Beovizija?

Sashka Janx: Lisbon, Portugal. And much more...

Once again, a huge thank you to Sashka Janx for giving up some of her time to chat with us and give us a closer insight into her Eurovision memories and upcoming preparations for Eurovision. We hope you liked the interview and be sure to share your opinion too!

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