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San Marino Goes Global As SMRTV reveal Details Of National Final

The national broadcaster for San Marino SMRTV have recently revealed details of their up coming national final. This year they seemed to have made a big effort and gone truly global, inviting artists from all over the world to perform.

The country had over 250 entries that were submitted to the national broadcaster, these were whittled down by the number of likes it got on YouTube. A jury then selected the final few to perform in the 1 in 360 show.

The show will be a three night event, and broadcast on terrestrial television , as well their YouTube channel. The first two shows will be pre-recorded and broadcast on the 9th and 11th February.

The first show will see the singers perform their songs acoustically, giving judges a chance to hear their voices, whilst giving feedback.

The second show will see the artists perform once more. The judges will then decide which song is best of the two evenings. That song will progress to the final.

The Grand Final will be live, but in a twist will be held in the Slovakian city of Bratislava, and not San Marino. There, all artists will finish and sing their complete melody for the chance of representing the small nation.

The Voting

It has been revealed that the winner will be chosen through a combination of online public vote, and the jury vote. To stamp out voter fraud, the broadcaster has imposed a one vote per person which will be regulated via their Paypal account costing 1 Euro each time. Points from the juries, and online voters will be announced in the traditional Eurovision style.

The finalists are as follows:

Camilla North (Norway)

Emma (Finland)

Franklin Calleja (Malta)

Giovanni Montalbano (Italy)

Irol MC (San Marino)

Jenifer Besky (Germany)

Jessika Muscat (Malta)

Judah Gavra (Israel)

Sara de Blue (Austria)

Sebastian Schmidt (Switzerland)

Tinashe Makura (Zimbabwe)

The 3rd of March will be a busy one as Iceland, and Finland also select their Eurovision songs and artists... Tell us of the names above who do you want to see in Lisbon 2018.

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