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Mark your calendars: Date set for Krajowe Eliminacije!

Since 2016, Poland has used their National Final "Krajowe Eliminacije" to select their entrant for the Eurovision Song Contest and 2018 will be no exception. Marking the third time in a row the Polish broadcaster has opted for a national final, details released regarding the date and time the event will take place - March 3rd 2018.

After returning to the international song contest in 2014, taking leave for two years, Poland has intermixed using internal selections and national finals to determine who will represent them at the event. They kicked off their return by sending the emphatic and eccentric "We Are Slavic" (My Slowanie), catapulting them back into the final with a top 15 finish, thus ending their non-qualification streak which stemmed back to 2009. Their success has continued since with Poland managing to qualify every edition since as well as earning a top 10 finish at the hands of Michal Szpak in 2016.

Last year the event switched from being decided solely by the Polish public to a 50-50 jury vote and will most likely keep the same format on March 3rd. The acts have yet to be announced, however, numerous artists have been rumoured to be mulling over a participation such as last year's 4th place - Isabell Otrebus. Who would you like to see on the Krajowe Eliminacije stage in early March? Do you think Poland can improve on their result from last year? Let us know what you think!

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