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Lithuania - Eurovizijos atranka third heat

On 23rd of January, 2017 LRT recorded its third heat for this Saturday. Watching it live, as opposed to watching it on TV, is a totally different experience. While talking to Audrius Giržadas, the chief producer of Eurovizijas atranka, we found out that it takes a huge effort to create such an amazing show. The idea of making Eurovizijas atranka came from the idea to make the show akin to the X factor or the Voice. That is why it is such a long process, says Audrius Giržadas. When it comes to the budget of the show he confirmed that it is not cheap without going into details. But of course, you can read of this interview in the next couple of days.

So, what is there to expect from the third week's heat? Well, to tell the truth, you'll be happy to see a pleasant diversity amongst the songs competing: you have ballads, you have underground music and some pop. But most importantly, last years fan favorites in this heat are back. Yes, in this heat you will see 4-5 artists from last year. But most importantly the names not to forget to mention are Greta Zazza and Gabrielius Vagelis. Greta Zazza, who performed an uptempo song last year, managed to melt all the jury's heart with her strong ballad 'Broken Shadows'. Gabrielius Vagelis is another artist from last year, who is attempting to represent Lithuania for the third time. In comparison to last year, he is bringing an upbeat powerful ballad, entitled "The Distant" and was written by himself. For a big surprise, he also said good-bye to his long hair and brought all his emphatic style to the stage.

Here are the list of the competing acts in the third heat of Eurovizijas atranka in order:

1. Vidas Bareikis - Pusvalanduko

2. Donata - Powerful

3. Agne Michalenkovaite - Going on

4. Geraigerai & Silvija Pankunaite - More than you know

5. ELEY - This is my life

6. E.G.O. - Shake the World

7. Zivile Gedvilaite - Melody

8. Evelina Jocyte (Joyce) - Breath

9. Valdas Lacko - Dying Inside

10. Milda Martinkenaite - Hurricane

11. Gabrielius Vagelis - The Distant

12. Greta Zazza - Broken Shadow

The six lucky artists who get 50/50 of jury and televotes get the golden tickets for the next round. In this heat, the jury gave their highest points to Greta Zazza, Gabrielius Vagelis and Geraigerai & Silvija Pankunaite. Let's see if the televotes will match the opinions of the professional jury!

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