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Laura Groeseneken Has Chosen The Song For Belgium

The first artist to be announced for Eurovision 2018 was Belgium's Laura Groeseneken. Since then speculation regarding the song has arisen. No official title has been given, however with an interview given to OGAE Belgium recetly, she revealed a few more details in regards to her entry.

The young talented artist has revealed that she has chosen the entry, but is still working on the creative process of the song. Of the song, it is one that she wrote and composed herself. When Laura spoke of it she described it as the right entry, and one that she fell in love with.

No name was given for the song, however she revealed that it would be, "a pop song, but not a typical one. Not even for the Eurovision Song Contest. It is a bit mysterious". This has left many fans more eager than ever to hear it. With Belgium's recent success at the competition it may be a cert to do well. The talented singer even said of her entry, "outsiders can win". In the interview to OGAE Belgium, she even said that the outfit had also been chosen.

Of accepting the offer to represent Belgium, the singer was not coy in admitting that she did not plan to sing at the contest, however she only accepted the offer because it was a once in a life time offer. "I am going to do my very best for Belgium...I will go to the Eurovision Song Contest to win. This is not something silly for me".

Not so long ago she performed Salvador Sobrel's winning entry, giving many fans a glimpse at her powerful voice. Check it out below. She has revealed it is a pop song. This combined with her voice could bring Belgium its first victory since 1986 when Sandra Kim took the crown.

Are you excited for the song? What do you think of her chances? Please tell us in the comments below.

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