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Iriao To Perform in Georgian At The Eurovision Song Contest 2018

The new year began with news that Georgia had chosen Iriao to be the countries next Eurovision representative. The group have revealed in an interview with "Sputnik Georgia" that they will be singing their entry in Georgian.

In the interview earlier this week they revealed further details of their entry, and admitted that some of the lines would be in English, however by the request of the national broadcaster GPB the song would be sung in the countries native language.

The founder of the group Dato Malazonia has described the entry as, "Melodic, easy and understandable". With many female acts already chosen for the competition, this song may stand out, and qualify for the Grand Final.

Dato told Sputnik Georgia that various different versions of the song had been produced. The group along with the national broadcaster GPB will sit down together, and work closely on deciding which would be the best to perform in Lisbon.

Not so long after being announced, there had been a public outcry that Iriao had been chosen. There were online petitions with thousands stating they did not believe the band would be the best representative for the country. However, the band have brushed this aside and are said to be overjoyed at the prospect and understand it will be a big responsibility for them.

Do you think that Iriao are the best choice for the country? Tell us in the comments below.

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