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Beovizija Details Released

After 9 years, Serbian broadcaster RTS, Radio Televizija Srbije, confirmed the return of their illustrious national final event "Beovizija" a few days ago and following the release of the 17 competing acts, has now given further details towards the show. Beovizija was used as the selection event for Serbia in choosing their entry for the 2007, 2008 and 2009 contests ending on a rather unfortunate non-qualification in the 54th edition of the contest held in Moscow, Russia. Since then, Serbia has used a plethora of selection events achieving mixed results, however, now Beovizija is back and the acts are ready to battle it out for the honour of representing the Balkan nation in Lisbon.

Announced on the daily talk-show "Beograska Hronika" (Belgradian Chronicles) by the director of the Sava Centar, Djordje Mazinjanin, stated that the show will take place on Tuesday 20th February in said arena, which was used as the press centre when the contest was held in the Serbian capital back in 2008. Similar to previous editions of the contest, the outcome of Beovizija 2018 will be determined by a 50-50 voting system between a professional jury and the Serbian public. The 17 participants in Serbia's revitalised National Final were released a few days ago, however, in case you forgot any of them, here they are again:

  • Ivan Kurtic – "Ni Sunca ni Meseca" (Not the sun nor the moon)

  • Rambo Amadeus & Beti Djordjevic – "Nema te" (You're gone)

  • Boris Rezak – "Vila" (Fairy)

  • Danijel Pavlovic – "Ruza sudbine" (Rose of desinty)

  • Sanja Ilic & Balkanika – "Nasa deca" (Our children)

  • Srdjan Marijanovic – "Bar da znam" (If only I knew)

  • Osmi vazduh i drugari – "Probudi se" (Wake up)

  • Dusan Svilar – "Pod krosnjom bagrenja" (Under the locust tree)

  • Saska Jankovic – "Pesma za tebe" (A song for you)

  • Biber & DJ Niko Bravo – "Jutros" (This Morning)

  • Koktel Balkan – "Zato" (That's why)

  • BASS – "Umoran" (Tired)

  • Lana & Aldo – "Jaca sam od svih" (I'm stronger than the rest)

  • Sevdah bejbi – "Hajde da igramo sada" (C'mon let's dance now)

  • Maja Nikolic – "Zemlja cuda" (Wonderland)

  • Lord – "Samo nek se okrece" (Just let it turn)

  • Igor Lazarevic – "Bezi od mene" (Get away from me)

Sava Centar, located in Novi Beograd (New Belgrade)

​The last time Serbia held a national final was back in 2015, where Bojana Stamenov stomped over her competition and marched her way out of "Odbrojavanje za Bec" as the clear winner, eventually earning Serbia their 4th top 10 finish in the contest. Do you think Serbia will be able to claw their way back into the final after unfortunately failing to qualify in Kyiv last year? Let us know below and tell us what you think!

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