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United Kingdom | BBC Releases The UK Hopefuls Songs.

The wait is finally over. This is the United Kingdom calling. A few moments ago the BBC via their official Twitter site started to release small sections of the 6 artists competing to be the United Kingdom's next Eurovision entrant. At midnight the BBC released the name and song titles, but this morning they have gone one better and released a minute sample from each of the songs. From what Eurovoxx have heard so far, the team is extremely impressed by the quality coming from London this year. these are the entries below.

Song Number One "I Feel The Love" by Goldstone.

The first song that the BBC released was the song is "I Feel The Love" written by Eric Lumiere, Joakim Buddee, Laura White & Roel Rats. The up tempo number sung by Goldstone is a great way to begin this mornings song announcements.

To hear "I Feel The Love" click here:

The artists are "Goldstone" , a three piece girl group who formed in 2013. All three have very powerful voices, and bring a different element to the song. The song itself is a very up-tempo, catchy number, with each girl contributing their different style. The harmonies are tight. The girls are Aimie, Helen and Rhiannon, all of whom have various experiences in the music industry.

Song Number Two "Legends" by Asanda

The youngest of the selected artists. 16 year old Asanda is no stranger to fame having wowed the judges on Britains Got Talent in 2013. For such a young person, she has such an amazing voice. The song was written by Christopher Wortley, Laurell Barker & Roel Rats.

To hear "Legends" click here:

The song itself is very fresh and modern and will certainly hit the right note with many of Eurovsion's younger fans. This song is different from the rest, and with her exposure on Britain's Got Talent this may be the song to beat.

Song Number Three "Crazy" by RAYA

RAYA was the next artist to be announced. The song has a very Nordic flavour having been written by Emil Rosendal Lei, Greta Salóme Stefánsdóttir & Samir Salah Elshafie. You would have to be "Crazy" not to like this one.

To hear "Crazy" click here:

RAYA is probably one of the most experienced artists that the BBC have chosen. She is a singer, dancer and a DJ so has many talents to her name. She provided backing vocals for Hurts, danced for Little Mix and has appeared in ITV drama Mr Selfridge.

Song Number Four "Astronaut" by Liam Tamne

Not only can Liam sing but he can also act too. The song "Astronaut" was written by Ashley Hicklin, Jacob Pedersen, Jeanette Bonde & Rune Braager. The first male artist to be announced has the slowest song so far. Eurovoxx wonders if this song will "take off".

To hear "Astronaut" click here:

It is a lovely song, and may stand out in the sea of up tempo songs that the selection seems to be going for this year. Liam just like many of the other artist has had an extensive list of theatre work to his resume.

Song Number Five "You" by Jaz Ellington

Jaz by name Jazz by nature. The song "You" was written by Ashley Hicklin, Herman Gardarfve & Laura White. This guy can really sing. The song has many elements to it, its jazzy, it's a ballad but Jaz Ellington has soul and that really comes across in this song. It is very different to all of the others that have been selected this morning.

To hear "You" click here:

If you think you have seen him before, you probably have. He appeared on "the Voice" in 2012 and has even opened for the legendary Lauryn Hill.

Song Number Six "Storm" By SuRie

The infal performer to be announced is SuRie with the song "Storm" written by Nicole Blair, Gil Lewis & Sean Hargreaves. Of the females selected, this is certainly the slowr of the songs, but her voice has a very Annie lennox sound to it.

To hear "Storm" click here:

She has classical routes, and has performed all around the world in famous siging venues such as the Royal Albert Hall and St. Mark's Basilica in Venice . She has prior Eurovision experience as she was a backing vocalist and dancer for Loïc Nottet at Eurovision 2015 in Vienna as well as Blanche in 2017. Could her experience propel her to Lisbon?

All six artists are now known with their songs released. The BBC have changed tact this year, and have done an excellent job in providing variety, and a very high class standard of songs. Could won of these win Eurovision? Who is your favourite? Please tell us in the comments below.

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