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United Kingdom | Artists and Song Titles For Eurovision: You Decide Revealed

This morning the news finally dropped from the BBC of who will be competing for the ticket to Lisbon and who will be performing in Eurovision: You Decide. Alongside the aritsts we were also given the song titles and songwriters behind the songs.

The six artists are and song titles are

Asanda - "Legends"

Goldstone - "I Feel The Love"

Jaz Ellington - "You"

Liam Tamme - "Astronaut"

RAYA - "Crazy"

SuRie - "Storm"

Although the contestants themselves may not be household names or names familiar in the Eurovision bubble, if you look a little deeper into the songs a few names appear you may recognise.

First and foremost is Greta Salomé Stefansdottir, who has been to Eurovision twice, in 2012 and 2016 representing her home nation of Iceland, she is one of three credited writers on the song "Crazy" Greta was rumoured to have a song up for selection as she documented via her social medias back in September her trip in London, which clashed with a songwriting camp for entries for Eurovision: You Decide, could RAYA see her Greta back in the Eurovision world for a third time?

Other names include Jeanette Bonde who features on the track "Astronaut" Jeanette was rumoured to be a shortlisted act for Eurovision: You Decide 2017, but instead competing in her home nation selection - Dansk Melodi Grand Prix with the song "Hurricane" which you can see here

Laurell Barker and Eric Luimere are two other songwriters in this selection, both of whom had songs in last years UK selection also, Eric is also a songwriter on the track "High On Love" which is currently up for contention in the Czech Republic national final also. Ashley Hicklin, who has two songs in this selection, "You" & "Astronaut" also is a featured writer on the Belgian 2014 entry "Mother" performed by Axel Hirsoux.

Competitior SuRie has had some exprience in Eurovision herself though, she has been a backing vocalist for Belgium on two seperate occasions, first in 2015 with Loic Nottet and then in Kyiv with Blanche, both songs reached top five in the final for Belgium, could she bring a similar result home for the United Kingdom?

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