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Spain | OT2017: The Run to Eurovision!

Yesterday the semifinal of Operación Triunfo 2017 was a big show, in this night we knew the name of the fifth finalist, Ana Guerra.

RTVE had a surprise for this night, and the rules of the selection for the singer and the song for Eurovision 2018 changed.

First we knew that the final will be the only five singers that will represent Spain in ESC, but the TVE announced that the national selection will be completed with five soloists songs, three duets and one group song.

The name of the soloists songs are:

Miriam - "Lejos de tu piel" (by Steve Robson & Ina Wroldsen)

Aitana - "Arde" (by Alba Reig, from Sweet California)

Amaia - "Al Cantar" (by Rozalén)

Alfred - "que nos sigan las luces" (by Nil Moliner)

Ana Guerra - "El Remedio" (by Nabález)

In the duets, Agoney, the last expelled, will take part in the national selection for be in the stage in Lisbon.

The name of the duets songs are:

Agoney & Miriam - "Magia" (by David Otero, Funambulista, Tato Latorre)

Amaia & Alfred - "Tu canción" (by Raúl Gómez)

Aitana & Ana Guerra - "Chico malo" (by Morgan y Will Simms)

And the last song, the group song, the "hymn" of this edition of OT2017, the song was created by the 16 contestants of this edition of the show. The song will be sing only by the finalists of the contest, this means that Miriam, Aitana, Amaia, Alfred and Ana Guerra will sing it.

Without listen the songs, two of the three duets are the favorites:

Miriam & Agoney - "Magia"

Amaia & Alfred - "Tu canción"

Will send Spain this year a duet to the stage of Eurovision 2018? Will be possible make real the wish of Agoney of represent his country in Lisbon? The night 29th January we will see this nine songs in the stage of OT2017, and this night we will know the name of the Spanish singer who will be in the stage of Lisbon, only six days for know the name and the song who will be on the stage of ESC 2018.

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