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Nine More Acts Continue Their Journey To Be Israel's Next Star

Last night saw another edition of 'The Next Star' which tries to find Israel's next Eurovision entrant. The show started with ten artists that had qualified for this stage of the show. The ten contestants that remained were Mergi, Chen, Ravit, Hawi, Shai&Gilad, Neta, Adva, Eden, Jose and Riki. This edition saw all ten artists do battle, for a place in the next show.

The results are as follows:

First Battle

Mergi and Chen (92%) vs Eden and Adva (66%)

The first battle consisted of 4 artists performing duets. Mergi and Chen sang “locked out of heaven” by Bruno Mars. They both gave a very energetic performance. Eden and Adva were next, they performed “Yesh bi Ahava” by Arik Einstein. Mergi and Chen won the first heat.

Second Battle: Jose (53%) Vs Ricky (64%)

The second battle consisted of the artists singing songs of their idols. First up was Jose who sang, “thinking out loud” by Ed Sheeran. This was the first time he had sung in English on the show. The judges commended him for this. . Ricky sang “Simply the best” by Tina Turner. The judges commented that they would have preferred her to sing a Hebrew song. However, she still won the heat.

Third Batlle: Shai&Gilad (36%) vs Ravit (74%)

For this battle, the judges wanted the artists to perform an up tempo party song. Shai&Gilad sang first, and performed “kos shel yain” by Moshe Perets. Their voices seemed to lack the power that they had in previous battles. Ravit sang next with the song “Tel Aviv” by Omer Adam, this performance meant she qualified for the next round.

Fourth Battle: Hawi (69%) vs Neta (79%)

The final heat saw the artists dedicating songs to their mothers. Hawi was first and sung “hero” by Enrique Iglesias. Neta sang next with “what is love” by Haddaway. Her performance was strong enough to see her through to the next show.

The artists that didn't qualify were then assessed by the judging panel, with the jury selecting Advar Omer, Eden Meiri and Howie Danao to go through to the next round.

The competition then culminated in Jose Steinberg and Shay & Gilad in a final battle. The result was as follows:

Final Battle: Shay & Gilad (28%) Vs Jose Steinberg (82%)

Jose categorically won, meaning Shay & Gilad were eliminated from the competition. Now 9 acts remain in the competition. Who from the final 9 would you like to see win? Tell us in the comments below

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