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Eurovoxx Talks To Czech Republic's Mikolas Josef

It has been revealed in the last hour that the international jury has voted Mikolas Josef as their preferred candidate to represent the Czech Republic at the Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon. He still needs the televote to win, however things are looking good for this young performer. Prior to tonight's announcement he spoke to Elliot from team Eurovoxx. Dressed casually, wearing a baseball cap, he was polite and oozed charisma as he spoke to us. He is hoping to perform his song "Lie To Me" live in Lisbon, and this is what he had to say to us. Check the interview below:

The song "Lie To Me" was actually released in November, but Josef decided to use this song because the national broadcaster urged him to be present in this years Czech national final. He told us that he didn't really feel the connection last year, but this year was a different story.

He is a very popular performer. He revealed that ČT had reached out to him a couple of times to be their artist. "We always had talks, but I am really happy it is this way because it is the people of the Czech Republic who are voting... It looks good so far" This was his response to the fact that the public would potentially chose him, and not be chosen internally.

Of the online vote and on how people have responded to the song, the young singer said, "actually when the song came out, I wasn't expecting the reaction that followed because so many people that are really big on social media here, they shared the song, they shared themselves dancing to the song. I've never spoke to them, never met them". He is really happy of the reaction that followed. This combined with the international vote tonight, may make his song a certainty for Lisbon.

"Lie To Me" has a very different sound to his other songs , and combines so many musical elements. Mikolas told us that the inspiration came from, "the wave of funk and people like Calvin Harris and Bruno Mars... I fell in love with music that makes people dance and has a strong response". He told us that he has found his sound. Eurovoxx loves his song, and certainly believe him when he says that.

The music video is featured above but we had to ask him about the 'Camel'. This evoked a very mischievous response from him. The young artist was certainly amused by this question, to which he exclaimed he gets asked this a lot. Mikolas told Elliot, "I am the director of the music video, and I always try to do as much work as possible on my own... the people can feel the character from me, they can feel it's authentic. That actually has a close connection to the camel because I came up with an idea that I wanted to have something in the video that looked like this is no big deal. It carries on the wave of easy going in the video. It is the fun element of the vide". We're glad he answered that for us. Now we know!!

Mr Josef acknowledged the importance of Eurovision, and said it was needed for countries such as the Czech Republic. "The diversity is really important for people. People can decide what they want", he told us. He believes "Lie To You" is authentic and is something that the people would have written themselves. The song is a product of his home nation. This is why he has chosen this entry.

Eurovoxx has noticed the majority of Mikolas Josef's songs have spoken word, and a rap element to them. These are very difficult styles to nail, however the Czech artist does this perfectly. He told us, "I never thought of myself as a rapper, but it was always me getting in front of the mike and trying to do something that I can sing to other people, and maybe they can sing something back". He joked that, "It always ended up that I did everything... I was not so bad. So that's how it happened". He doesn't really try to define his style either. However, we think he has made it his style.

You cannot fail to notice that Mikolas is very good looking. Being a former model comes as no surprise to us. From this career, to now being a singer was a no contest for the young artist. "It was always music. I come from a musical family... Modelling was a way for me to fund my music. I tried it for a year, and was like NO this is not really for me".

Many Fans Like Mikolas' Modelling Just As Much As His Music

Although he is not officially the representative. He told Eurovoxx that if he were, he would be, "wow, honoured and celebrate the first night and train, train train until May". The young singer told us he would take it very seriously and cancel all his scheduled activities. We like his enthusiasm and commitment.

Of Eurovision, "It is a huge event and I think it is a really good way of people who can find other artists or countires that they would never look for. Secondly...being chosen with your music is something that you don't turn down... I see Eurovision not as a compeititon but more of an exhibition of countires showing how far they managed to get from the last year." Eurovoxx echoes these sentiments.

He also told us that he watched Eurovision, and was touched by Salvador's performance, and finds it difficult to come across music like this. The contest is essentially a platform for songs like last years winner. He loved the authenticity, and simplicity of the winning entry from last year.

Eurovoxx is extremely excited to find out that Mikolas is planning to produce more music for the summer. His album is also being produced, however finding the time is the key for all of this to happen. "Please make this happen Mikolas"!!!

It was an absolute pleasure to talk to Mikolas Josef. In the 15 minutes that Eurovoxx talked to him, he made a lasting impression on the team. The singer is young, talented, caring and comes across extremely honest whilst being genuine. He has won the international vote already. Eurovoxx wishes him all the best in the public vote to be released next Tuesday. Would you like Mikolas Josef to be the Czech Republic's next Eurovision entrant? Tell us in the comments below.

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