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Spain | First Look At The 9 Competing Songs For Spain

January 23, 2018

After yesterday's Operación Triunfo's gala, in which some of the Spanish Eurovision news were revealed, TVE hosted this afternoon a special edition focused on the nine competing songs. Before we break them to you, we have to take a few things into consideration. The following videos show the artists hearing the song for the first few times, learning the structure and the lyrics along some quite stripped down demos, some of them not specially over produced. We will still need to wait for the revamps to actually have an approximate idea of what the songs will actually sound like.



Lejos de tu piel - Miriam


The first ballad seems to put Miriam in a similar scenario as Pastora Soler in "Quédate conmigo". A strong ballad for a powerful voice. We can already imagine the staging, a vaporous gown and a fan blowing her hair and dress. Very dramatic.



Arde - Aitana

Despite being only 18 years old, Aitana shows musical maturity by delivering a delicate and intimate performance of this melodic, slow tempo-ed though light ballad.



Chico malo - Aitana and Ana Guerra

The Despacito/latin song game is strong here. Regardless of this song getting the Eurovision ticket, we will definitely be dancing this a summer hit in Spain.



Magia - Miriam and Agoney

A standard pop Spanish songs that could have as well been from the 90s.



Al cantar - Amaia

With a slow start and with Spanish music influences, Rozalen has produced a very charming and romantic song (not a love song, mind you) about how she feels when she is singing. With a reminisce of the late Eurovision 60s entry, this is just right down Amaia’s alley



Tu canción - Amaia and Alfred

A slow ballad, a nice duet where the main gimmick will be the chemistry between both performers.



Que nos sigan las luces - Alfred

An up-beat Spanish pop song. Very radiable. As we can see on the clip, the drumming is still being thought out. The brass elements gives this song enough edge to stand out from the competing ballads. But will that be enough?



El remedio - Ana Guerra

A lot of Spanish and Latin American influences on this song, somewhere in between salsa and light reggaeton.



Camina - Agoney, Aitana, Alfred, Amaia, Ana, Miriam 


An up tempo ballad, this song was written aspiring to become the anthem on the hopes and dreams Operación Triunfo has promised to fulfill but might just end up being a cliché. The following clip shows the 16 original cast members of this edition performing such song. However, next gala will be performed by the remaining 6 contestants above mentioned.






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