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Nathan Trent Is Back With Won't Let You Go

He was the entrant that won the hearts of many fans at last years Eurovision. With his cheeky smile, fun charisma and superb voice, the Austrian entrant Nathan Trent is back with his brand new track "Won't Let You Go" which features PopTracker. The video is below so go ahead and take a listen.

Released two days ago in ITunes, Spotify and other platforms, it has already amassed nearly 9 thousand hits on YouTube. This brand new track will certainly please his many fans, and may gain him a lot more. Since he represented Austria last year, the profile of this talented artist has certainly risen and gone from strength to strength.

The song itself is very catchy and has an infectious beat. Just like the song lyrics, somehow we "can't get you out of my system. Now I got you stuck in my head". It is a track that you will be humming in your head. Nathan Trent's amazing vocals along with the cool beat seems to be a winning formula.

The song seems to be based on a relationship where there are issues. However, Nathan doesn't want to play games. He says, "Now I Have Found You I Don't Want To Let You Go". Neither do we. There is also a sense of loneliness, but also that Nathan want's to work things out. He sings, "I keep believing that both of us will be alright". In this song he isn't, "playing no game" and wants to keep her safe. The song is about love, and fighting to keep and protect the one you love. Also, with every relationship you need to work at it.

The video itself is simply a master piece and the mood of it seems to reflect the mood of the song. Nathan is in an empty room with a television. He has a box of keys frantically trying to open the door. This seems to emphasise his eagerness to preserve the relationship. The sense of loneliness is also conveyed in the song very well, and the willing to fight for the one you love. The song ends with Nathan leaving the room, indicating he is found his way to his love.

Since Nathan's Eurovision adventure he continues to go from strength to strength. Eurovoxx loves his new single, and eagerly awaits more of his work.

Tell us in the comments below what you think of the song, and if you agree it is a masterpiece.

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