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Israel | Rising Star- 5 More Acts Proceed To The Next Round

Another week, and another episode of Israel's rising star. Last night saw another five artists proceed and qualify for the next round of the national final.

There were three singing battles which saw 6 artists fight it out for a place in the next round. As well as the usual panel, there was guest judge Nadav Gudej who had previously represented Israel in 2015. The results are as follows:

Adva Omer (83%) (Qualified) vs Sarit Hativa (53%)

Netta Barzilai (73%) (Qualified) vs Eden Meiri (56%)

Chen Aharoni (71%) (Qualified) vs Jonathan Mergui (62%)

'The Next Star' also saw an additional two duels that saw three artists who hadn't qualified, battle it out for the further two spots. The winners were Jonathon Mergui (89% of the vote) and Eden Meiri (80% of the vote). This means that the five artists qualifying for the next round are:

Adva Omer

Netta Barzilai

Chen Aharoni

Jonathan Mergui

Eden Meiri

This format for choosing Israel's Eurovision entrant has been used since 2015. It has proved very successful as they have qualified for the Grand Final every year since its introduction.

Do you agree with the qualifiers? Let us know in the comments below.

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