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Greece | Will there be a national final for Greece?

News has come out that Greece will be hosting a national final for Eurovision 2018 on February 16th. The show is due to take place at the ERT studios in Athens.

INFE Greece have reported that the show will be broadcast live, however, none of the acts will actually be performing live. Instead, they will each record official videos for their songs that will be played during the show. This is the same format that they used for their selection show last year when Demy was internally selected by the Greek broadcaster.

There will be only three acts taking part in the national final:

  1. Areti Ketime - 'Min Xenhas Ton Ilio'

  2. Chorostalites - 'Apo Tin Thraki Os Tin Kriti'

  3. Gianna Terzi - 'Oneira Mou'

The Greek broadcaster has stated that all acts must sing in Greek and their songs must sound Greek, with traditional elements of Greek music.

Next week, ERT is due to meet with the representatives of the record labels for all of the three acts, where they will talk about their performances for the national final, including their choreography and outfits.


Last year, Demy sang "This Is Love" for Greece, reaching 19th place with 77 points in the grand final:

Will Greece manage to get back into the top 10 this year? Let us know what you think!!

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