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ESC 2018 | More tickets go on sale January 30th have announced today that tickets for the semi finals of Eurovision 2018 in Lisbon will go on sale on January 30th.

The EBU have also announced that the allocation draw for the semi finals will take place on January 29th, which means that anyone wanting to go to the semi finals will know in which one their country will be performing in.

Where can I buy tickets?

The EBU have stated that the tickets will be going on sale only on BlueTicket, which is the official ticket partner. BlueTicket work by a system called Queue-it, whereby each person wishing to buy tickets are automatically entered into an online queue and assigned a number at random.

However, many fans are upset with the way the tickets have been sold this year. When tickets for the grand final and jury shows went on sale, a lot of people complained that they were stuck in the online queue for too long and by the time they made it to the website to try and get tickets, they were all sold out. A lot of people also noticed that a lot of tickets were being sold on sites such as Viago for double, or even triple price, which angered many fans.

What tickets can I buy?

On January 30th, you will be able to buy tickets for six different shows:

  • Live semi finals on Tuesday and Thursday

  • Jury shows on Monday and Wednesday evening

  • Family shows on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon (15:00 CET, 14:00 GMT)

So, will you try and get tickets for any of these shows? Or have you already got your tickets? Let us know in comments below!!


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