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Romania | First Selectia Nationala Finalists Revealed!

The first semifinal of the Selectia Nationala was held tonight in the city of Focsani - the first of a number of cities hosting semi-finals this year. Hosted by Diana Dumitrescu and Cesar, eleven candidates were presented, however only three competitors would secure a spot in the final.

The semifinal was opened with the performance of the Romanian Eurovision representative from 2005, Luminita Anghel. She was singing Hora din Moldova, a Moldovan entry from 2009 by Nelly Ciobanu.

The decision on the finalists was made my a professional jury:


- Alexia & Matei - Walking on Water

- Echoes - Mirror

- Eduard Santha - Me som romales

Did not qualify

- Alex Florea - Nobody told me it would hurt

- Lina - A love worth falling for

- CornEL - Take me away

- Liviu Anghel - Rise up

- Hellen - From underneath

- Johnny Badulescu - Devoted

- Waleska - Reborn

- Elena Turcu - The perfect fall

Next week, January 28, the second semifinal will be held in Timisoara. Twelve new competitors will try to reach the finals. The Selectia Nationala Final will be held in Bucharest on February 25th. There will be 15 candidates in the final. The decision on the Romanian representative in the final brought the votes of the audience 100%.

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