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Could Heathers Be Ireland's Next Eurovision Representative?

With Eurovision just around the corner, many countries are in full swing with their preparations for the next contest. Recently, there has been a lot of speculation with Ireland, and their next participant. The Eurovision community have seen the likes of Louis Walsh, and Linda Martin telling Irish Euro fans "Not to give up" on the competition.

This morning it has been reported in the Irish Sun, that the duo "Heathers" have been approached to be the countries next representative.

According to the tabloid paper, the national broadcaster RTÉ have approached the duo Ellie and Louise Macnamra to be Ireland's next contenders to compete for the Eurovision crown.

Before fans of the duo get excited, the sisters have said that they have not made a final decision on whether they will grace the Eurovision stage in Lisbon. Louise has said,

" Maybe, I'm not going to say yes or no. Possibly- but for me we're focussing on a new record".

She also added that the contest was not full of credible acts and that, "I don't think it's something to throw away or not to consider".

The duo follow on the foot steps on Samantha Mumba who has also been rumoured to represent the emerald Aisle. After years of failed qualifications for the country, they have really seemed to be putting more effort into their selection process this year. This has been evident with RTÉ holding a forum with music industry professionals last year.

RTÉ recently announced that ten songs had been put together, with a number of panellists, which include Eoghan McDermott (former host of Ireland's Junior Eurovision selection) assessing the quality of songs. In a different tact, the country want to sway away from the tradition Irish Eurovision entry, and ensure that none played up to the "friendly eye", that many have been associated with previous entries.

Whatever happens, Ireland seem determined to find that, "killer song performed by an act with vast experience of playing live to big crowds" (Michael Kealy- head of Irish delegation).

The group "Heathers" were formed in 2007 by twin sisters Ellie and Louise Macnamara. They have released 2 albums, with their first major breakthrough coming in 2010, when their song "Remember When" peaked at number 11 in the Irish charts. It was also subsequently used by the Irish tourist board, enabling the sisters to be a house hold name.

With only four months until the Eurovision Song Contest final, it will be inevitable that details will be released soon. Would you like to see "Heathers" being present in Lisbon? Tell us in the comments below.

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