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Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2018 Artists To Be Revealed Tomorrow

January 21, 2018


The national broadcaster for Denmark DR have today released further details of Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, and how there will be subtle changes to the presentation of the songs.


Tomorrow, a press conference will be held at approximately 11:00 CET where the ten artists chosen by DR will be revealed. 


This year the national final will take place on February 10th 2018 in the Gigantium which is located in the city of Aalborg.  The event will be hosted by Annette Heick who is no stranger to the DMGP.  She will also be accompanied by Johannes Nymark.  The duo will host the show for the second consecutive year.


DR have also revealed that the winner will be decided by a combination of 50% jury, and 50% public voting.  The broadcaster stated that there will be two rounds of voting.  The first round will see the top three songs compete in the super-final where the ultimate winner will be chosen.


In other information given, DR have confirmed that they will be removing the short presentation videos that are played before the artist performs.  Instead, they have opted for a short interview with the singers, giving the viewing public a chance to know the artists.  


Head of Entertainment at DR, Jan Lagermand Lundme states, " We are doing this, to make the viewers get even more closer to the participants...This way, the viewers will get a completely new experience".


Of the ten songs he said, "I am very happy with the ten songs, and I know, that no matter which song wins Dansk Melodi Gran Prix, it will have a chance to place in the top 10 at Eurovision...It is important we place well at Eurovision, to keep the interest alive, because it is really a show for the whole population of Denmark".


Last year the Danes chose Anja Nissen as their representative.  Who would you like to see on the list of names at tomorrows press conference?  Tell us in the comments below.


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