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Hungary | Results Of The First Heat Of A Dal

The search for the Hungarian representative in Lisbon officially began tonight. In the First heat of A Dal, ten competitors were introduced, of which six were placed in semi-finals. The four-member jury and the audience made a joint decision. In the first round of voting, five qualified via a combination of votes of the jury and the audience, followed by another candidate in the second round of voting using the same system. The audience had the opportunity to hear songs in native Hungarian and English language.


1. Tamás Vastag

2. Leander Kills

3. Zsolt Sule

4. Gabi Knoll

5. Ceasefire X

6. Viktor Király

Next week on January 27 we will have the opportunity to hear ten new candidates who will fight for the semifinals. Hungarian national selection A Dal consists of three heat shows, two semifinal and final. The name of the Hungarian representative will be found on February 24, 2018.

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