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Poli Genova Gets All Political With Her New Single Mr President

She was the artist that gave Bulgaria their best ever result at Eurovision with the song "If Love Was A Crime" in 2016, and now she is back with her new song "Г-н Президент/ Mr President". Back by popular demand Poli brings us a sensual, sexy and raunchy new track. It was officially released on her YouTube channel yesterday, and has already amassed over 45,000 views in one day. These large figures go a long way in showing her still popular appeal. The two time Eurovision entrant who remains a fan favourite can still be found on the Eurovision scene, where she eagerly and easily mingles with her many fans. Check the new single below:

The music and lyrics are by Boyan Hristov. The elegant video begins with Poli working in café serving a man whom we can only presume is the president. Whilst doing so she engages with him. Soon she is undressed, revealing a leather outfit, to which she dances with other attractive ladies in a very dimly lit room. She is then seen in a car with him. Is she a secret agent or someone about to release a scandal? The video is interspersed with a gun being shot. Poli is then seen in a separate room where she is handcuffed. It almost looks like she is about to be interrogated. She is to clever for that and escapes with the other ladies she danced with earlier, and tells "Mr President" , "Please baby boy don't worry". It all ends with them celebrating.

The song itself is very catchy. It has a very infectious beat and rhythm, but it also has a fresh, and modern sound l to it. If Poli were to sing this at Eurovision, another top 5 song would be guaranteed. Even the video is pleasing to the eye.

At Eurovision Poli has been present twice. In 2011 she sang "Na inat" where she failed to qualify for the final. The Bulgarian beauty would return five years later with the song "If Love Was A Crime" and avenged her previous performance and came 4th scoring 307 points. Up until then this was Bulgaria's best ever placing.

Outside of performing, Genova has also appeared as a coach or mentor on The Voice of Bulgaria and X Factor Bulgaria, and also hosted the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2015 in Sofia. She produced 10 singles, and 4 albums all achieving relative success.

What do you think of her new song? Tell us in the comments below.

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