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Malta | AIDAN Releases Revamped MESC Entry "Dai Laga"

Aidan Cassar one of the 16 acts competing in Malta Eurovision Song Contest has had a new version of his entry "Dai Laga" revealed.

The song - which he wrote himself came under fire shortly after being released alongside the other competing MESC competitors songs after the opening hook and middle eight were similar to songs released in the mainstream song mark, and that he infact used a sample sharing site, the sample itself was released prior to the September 1st deadline instilled by Eurovision and MESC. This raised questions for "Dai Laga" which is due to open the show would even be allowed to compete and be performed in the national final on February 3rd.

Although the bridge and main body of the song and chorus has remained in tact, its the opening bars will where the biggest change in the song comes, the new version was released on YouTube on the Eurovision Song Malta channel this afternoon which you can hear for yourselves here

In speaking with us in December, AIDAN revealed the song title Dai Laga is a phrase he created himself and refers to similar to "Being Me" in a translation, however AIDAN will be on a double shift that night of the national final and he also shall be competing in the group Avenue Sky, who are making history being the first boyband ever to compete in Malta Eurovision Song Contest with their entry "We Can Run"

So how do you feel about AIDAN changing aspects of his entry, does it improve the song or weaken it? Make sure to let us know and make sure you follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube also.

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