San Marino | Rehearsals take place in Vienna for 1in360

2018 marks the first time San Marino will use a national selection format to select their entry for Eurovision. Earlier this week rehearsals for the 1in360 show took place in Vienna, Austria.

The eleven artists travelled to Vienna to take part in a bootcamp session at the Echo Pilot studio where each of them recorded their songs. Some pictures of the artists were uploaded to SMRTV's twitter account earlier in the week.

In the live shows, the contestants will battle it out for a ticket to Lisbon and the chance to record an album.

Giovanni Montalbano, one the contestants has revealed the following dates for the live shows, although they have not yet been officially confirmed by SMRTV.

  • Heat One – January 27

  • Heat Two – January 28

  • Heat Three – February 3

  • Heat Four – February 10

  • Final – February 27

Last year, San Marino failed to qualify for the Eurovision final in Kyiv with their duet by Valentina Monetta and Jimmie Wilson, Spirit of the Night.

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