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Spain | The Finalists of Operación Triunfo 2017

Last Monday, Spanish show "Operación Triunfo 2017" took place, where we listened to the songs of all the contestants, and we knew the names of the first four finalists of the contest, who will be in a special show of OT2017 to select the Spanish entry for Eurovision 2018.

This special show will take place on 29th January, one week before the big final of this amazing contest, which is a restart of the old show that stopped being realized in 2011, because it had low viewing figures. OT2017, the ninth edition of this show, has made this contest revolutionize the country once again, just like the first edition did in 2001.

After eleven episodes, we know the first four names of the finalists and of the first four contestants who are going to compete in the special show of "Operación Triunfo 2017: Eurovision" on January 29th.

These names are:

· Amaia Romero, who passed to the final and to the special for Eurovision with a mark of 10/10. She's also called "Amaia de España" or "La Reina", and is the big favorite for win the contest.

· Miriam Rodríguez, who passed to be one of the first four finalists with a mark of 9/10. She was the big surprise of the night, because nobody thought that she will be one of the first finalists.

· Alfred García, passed to the final with a mark of 8.75/10. He's one of the big favorites of the contest, and his classiification was expected.

· Aitana Ocaña, who was proposed for leave the contest, but the teachers decided to save her, and she passed to the final with the mark of 8.5/10. She's one of the favorites, with Amaia for represent Spain in Eurovision 2018 and for win the contest.

After the first four finalists, we need talk about the contestants who are to leave the contest this week, and that the audience will decide between they who are the fifth and last finalist and the last participant for the special show of Eurovision:

· Agoney Hernández, with a mark of 8.25/10. He's one of the most sounds for represent Spain in Lisbon, and his big wish is sing in the stage of Eurovision representing his country.He goes to try stay in the contest defending the song "Where Have You Been" of Rihanna. Will the audience make his dream possible saving him and making him the fifth finalist of OT2017?

· Ana Guerra, with a mark of 7.25/10. She started to be one of the favorites of the audience when she sang the song "La Bikina", but in the last shows, she started to be proposed for leave the contest. She is going to show that she deserved be a finalist with the song "Havana" of Camila Cabello. Will she be the last finalist of the contest?

Here, you can listen the last song that the six contestants sang with a contestant that is now out of the contest.

What you think about the first four finalists? Who do you think that will be the fifth finalist of the contest? What contestant you want in the stage of Eurovision 2018? You can answer our questions in the comments of this article.

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