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Moldova | Listen to O Melodie Pentru Europa 2018 songs

Moldovan Broadcaster TVM received a total of 28 songs for 'O Melodie Pentru Europa' and today, they have made all of the songs available to listen to on their official YouTube channel, TVM. However, one hopeful, Sasha Bognibov already uploaded his song 'Love' onto his own personal YouTube channel in October 2017.

All of the 28 acts will perform in front a jury who will then select 16 of them to perform in the live semi final on February 22. From these 16 acts, 10 of them will go onto the final on February 24 to win the chance to represent Moldova at Eurovision 2018 in Lisbon. The winner will be decided by a mix of 50% tele vote and 50% jury vote. The jury is not expected to be revealed until the semi final.

There are some familiar faces in the line up, most notably Sasha Bognibov, who will be making his 12th appearance in Moldova's national final for Eurovision and DoReDos, a Moldovan folk band who took part in the national finals of 2015 and 2016. This year, DoReDos have teamed up with John Ballard and Philip Kirkorov, who, alongside Dimitris Kontopoulos were the team behind Sergey's 'You Are The Only One'. Other familiar names in the list include: Che MD, Doinita Gherman, Felicia Dunaf, Sandy C and Tudor Bumbac.

Here is the list of all the 28 competing acts:

1. Anna Obodescu - Agony

2. Anna Timofei - Endlessly

3. Bella Luna - Moments

4. Bostan - Frățică

5. Che MD - Inima-n stîngă

6. Cobîlean Constantin – Numai Tu

7. Codreanu Maria – Zâmbește Soarelui

8. Denny Fenton - Maybe It's Love

9. Dima Gaitur - Ona Moja

10. Doinita Gherman - Dance in Flames

11. DoReDos - My Lucky Day

12. Formatia 5 Stele - Maldavian Dance

13. Felicia Dunaf - Alien

14. Illia Sorocean & Dasha DaGro - Minds & Veins

15. Laura Bagrii - Da Bucuriei

16. Lavinia Rusu - Altundeva

17. Marina Cudalb - Bianco e Nero

18. Nicoleta Saca - Esencia del Sur

19. Pelageya Stefoglo - Let's Start Together Right Now

20. Ruslan Taranu - Come to Life

21. Saidy - Beauty Song

22. Sandy C & Aaron Sibley - Once Upon A Time

23. Sasha Bognibov - Love

24. Shvets - The World

25. Tolik - Glass

26. Tudor Bumbac - Numai Pentru Tine

27. Vera Turcanu - Black Heart

28. Viorela - The Gates of Love


Last year, popular Moldovan group SunStroke Project achieved the best result for Moldova in their Eurovision history, finishing in 3rd place overall with the catchy song 'Hey, Mamma'. The band has also previously sang for Moldova in Eurovision 2010, where the finished in 22nd place in the final. You can re-live their Eurovision performance here:


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