Belarus | Sofi Lapina withdraws from National Final

Belarussian Broadcaster BTRC have today announced that Sofi Lapina has withdrawn her application for their national final. Sofi Lapina was one of the 11 finalists that was chosen by BTRC to take part in the national final, scheduled to take place on February 16. This announcement comes just one day after a letter was published in which six of the finalists, Sofi included, expressed their intention to withdraw, due to the drama surrounding Alekseev and his song.

Sofi made the decision to withdraw only a few hours before the running order draw was due to take place. She confirmed her withdrawal at EuroForum, a Russian Eurovision discussion forum, where she posted this:

"Alekseev is not ashamed to lose in an honest and open struggle. No one who will lose is ashamed. But not in this situation. Being humble and asking for a replacement song. I won't. I said that with emotion.

I decided for myself to withdraw from the finals anyway. The only reason why this has not been done so far is the collective statement. Dumping the rest is not pretty. Therefore, I will be at BTRC tomorrow. But the decision has actually been taken. Many thanks for your support."

Today, she confirmed that she would defintley not be taking part in the final by saying this:

"I have left. That's all. I won't participate in the final."

Sofi also goes on to say that she had intended to participate with a different song, but that it was deemed illegible to take part, so she had so chose another song instead.

Are you sad that Sofi has withdrawn? What did you think of her song? Let us know in the comments below!!

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