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Norway | Alexander Rybak Amongst Melodi Grand Prix 2018 Artists

This morning, NRK announced the ten artists taking part in Melodi Grand Prix, the show used to select the representative for Norway in the Eurovision Song Contest, this year includes Eurovision 2009 winner Alexander Rybak.

Alexander won the contest with his song "Fairytale" with a whopping 387 points, which under the old voting system was a record, which was never beaten, he won the contest a mammoth 169 points ahead of second place Iceland, he however is not the only artist to have represented Norway at Eurovision who is back in the competition. Previous artists include Aleksander Wallmann who represented Norway alongside JOWST in 2017 and placed 10th and Stella Mwangi, who represented Norway back in 2011 but sadly did not advance to the finals. Ida Maria who is a star in Norway and also wrote Mamma's Boy which featured in the selection last year is also on the participants list.

Charla K - Stop The Music

Alejandro Fuentes - Tengo Orta

Aleksander Walmann - Talk To The Hand

Stella & Alexandra - You Got Me

Vidar Villa - Moren Din

Tom Huego - I Like I Like I Like

Ida Maria - Scandilove

Rebecca - Who We Are

NICOLINE - Light Me Up

Alexander Rybak - That's How You Write A Song

The final on Melodi Grand prix will take place March 10th, Norway's act will be selected via a international jury and televote to decide the top four, those four will advance to the Gold Final and perform again. The winner of the gold final will purely be decided via a televote.

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