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Ukraine | MÉLOVIN Reveals Vidbir 2018 Entry "Under The Ladder"

January 15, 2018

Ukraninan popstar MÉLOVIN today his entry for the upcoming Ukraninan national selection Vidbir, titled "Under The Ladder" the 20 year-old competed in the 2017 edition and placed 3rd with the song "Wonder"



 MELOVIN, real name Konstantin Bocharov made a name for himself in the country when he entered and won the sixth edition of the The X Factor in Ukraine back in 2016 when he was only 18, shortly after he released his first single "Not Alone"


Shortly after he entered Vidbir 2017 in a hope of becoming the home representative for Ukraine in Kyiv with his song "Wonder" despite the jury not responding to it strongly in the semi final and only placing it 4th, he won the televote and was tied for the second qualification spot with Kadnay, who in a bizarre coincidence, won the jury but came fourth with the public, however within reflective of the rules MELOVIN advanced for having a higher percentage of votes from the public. And it seemed to be deja vu in the final as well, despite winning the public comofrtablty again, with a 31.22% recorded percentage of all votes, the jury dashed his hopes of becoming the Ukraine act when he placed 5th out of the six acts, giving him third place overall. 


MELOVIN said at the end of 2017 he intended to return to the selection, citing he was not finished and deserves his spot in Eurovision, backed more so by being the televote winner, and he plans to do so with his new song "Under The Ladder" the full list of acts for Vidbir 2018 have not yet been released, but Vidbir 2017 runner TAYANNA is also in the competition, who after letting the public pick her song - only or it be disqualified for it being released before September 1st 2017 will compete with a new song titled "Tick Tock" you can listen to MÉLOVIN's entry here


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