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Salvador Sobral leaves hospital following heart transplant

Good news! Salvador Sobral has left hospital one month after his heart transplant. Medical sources from Carnaxide hospital have confirmed that there have been no complications during the weeks following the procedure and that he is slowly recovering. However, they warn against the harms of public exposure and recommend rest.

Salvador, who recently launched a new album, will remain out of the public eye and will be taken care of by his family and close ones. Promo events and shows have been cancelled until further notice though rumours of his presence during Eurovision week have been circulating ever since he left the hospital. According to the medical group responsible for his transplant, he might be recovered by then as they are expecting Salvador to have a full recovery and live a normal life.

We wish Salvador a speedy recovery, and hope to see him in Lisbon for Eurovision week (we know he wouldn't want to miss it!)

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