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Belarus National Final February 16th

Yesterday BTRC held their annual auditions to find potential acts to become their Eurovision act, from the 93 listed, 11 have been brought forward to the live national final, which was also announced shall take place February 16th.

As in previous years only a small number of songs in Belarusian which auditioned, advanced to the final, this however did not stop Naviband last year, winning the selection with their song "Historyja Majho Zyccia" and although the song title was changed into the English translation "Story Of My Life" the song remained in Belarusian, making it the first time the language had ever been heard on the Eurovision stage. The 11 acts competing for the spot in Lisbon are:

Adagio - "Ty i ja" (You And I)

ALEKSEEV - "Forever"

Alen Hit - "I Don't Care"

Anastasiya Malashkevich - "World On Fire"

Gunesh - "I Won't Cry"

Kirill Good - "Deja Vu"

Lexy - "Ain't You"

NAPOLI - "Chasing Rushes"

Radiovolna - "Subway Lines"

Shuma - "Chmarki" (Clouds)

Sofi Lapina - "Gravity"

Note worthy names in the selection are firstly NAPOLI, she wll be competing in the national final for a fifth consecutive year, having had a song in the national final every year since 2014, and ALEKSEEV, who caused a stir in recent months having initially audtioned for Vidbir 2018, the Ukranian selection before withdrawing and applying to Belarus, however there have been calls for ALEKSEEV to be disqualified. This is due to his song "Forever" being commercially released before the Septmeber 1st deadline, but it was released in Russian as opposed to English, the songwriting team behind the song have assured the English translation is a brand new porject and not that of the Russian version, however melodies and similarities in both versions are identical people claim

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