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Switzerland | Angie Ott: "I've always dreamed of being part of Eurovision"

Early this morning, the SRF Swiss broadcaster revealed the participants of the national selection Die Entscheidungsshow we had a great honor to talk to one of the competitors, the talented Angie Ott.

Dajman - Tell us something more about yourself?

Angie: I'm singing since I was 8 years old and I never stopped. I'm an hairdresser 50% and 50% singer.

Dajman - In 2013, did you participate in the Voice of Switzerland, how much did it bring you experience?

Angie: The Voice of Switzerland was incredible for me. It was a big experience to me.

Dajman - Your team is made by foreign authors, how did they cooperate with them?

Angie: The team I am is a great team, everyone is really nice.

Dajman - When you did get the idea to apply for this competition?

Angie: I made a camp to compose songs for Eurovision and then they choose me for another song.

Dajman - Tell us something more about your song?

Angie: My song is about story of love. She was in love with a guy who was very bad with her and she finally decided to say stop. It was a big message to all who can't say stop when it's getting very bad.

Dajman - Have you followed Eurovision before, what's your favorite song?

Angie: I almost always followed Eurovision, because it was always a dream to be part of it.

Dajman - Your plans after the Die Entscheidungsshow?

Angie: My plan we will see. I prefer to live the present.

You can listen to Angie's entry "A Thousand Times" here and see how she fares on February 4th 2018.

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