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Lithuania | First Six Acts Through In 2018 Selection

Tonight the first heat of Lithuania's national selection "Eurovizijos dainu konkurso nacionaline" took place where 13 acts to the stage to survive the first cut of the selection.

Of the 13 acts who performed, six survived after a combination of jury votes and televote. The six acts were: Ieva Zasimauskaitė, Godo, Milda Rasilavičiūtė, Lukas Norkunas Germantė Kinderytė & Benas Malakauskas. The six acts will return for the 2nd round which take place during weeks five and six of the selection. Despite the whole selection list being revealed yet, some names have announced their submissions or their name in the selection, they include Greta Zazza and Mia.

Tonight saw the jury and public disagree over multiple acts, but none more so than Germantė Kinderytė. The jury placed her in the bottom three for her performance of "Turn It Up" which equated to no points at all, but the public saved her placing her second out of the 13, giving her a grand total of 10 points and a spot in the next round finishing fifth overall, the public came to rescue for Benas Malakauskas who placed eigth with thw jury but snatched the sixth and final spot after the public put him fifth in the televote and other songs above him much lower.

So week one in Lithuania is over! Have we heard the winner already? Time will tell, but make sure you let us know your thoughts!

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