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Kristian Kostov releases new song "The One (I Need You")

Kristian Kostov shows even more versatility in his latest single "The One (I Need You"), released under record label Virginia Records. A new style of music compared to previous singles Beautiful Mess, Glubina and Ne Si Za Men (You Got Me Girl/Ty Moi Ogon), The One (I Need You) shows off a very funky, synth/electro vibe, taking Kostov down a new road of discovery for his style.

The sweet lyrics reflect on Kristian's thoughts to a believed loved one, "I’ve done some wild things before, But I’ve never felt nothing like that. You leave me craving for more, And there’s nothing that’s holding me back.". The lyrics have a very innocent and naïve sense, saying "I wanna hear you say these words out loud: “I need you!”" before continuing "Your parents don’t like me one bit, Cause I sing on the streets every night". At the same time, the song shows Kristian's rebellious side, making his irrsistable charm shine through, "I've done some wild things before" / "Broke the law to let you see that number one band,". Everything about the song seems to be staying true to the mischievous character Kristian's known to be.

It is evident that Kristian's idols have incorporated their way into this song through their musical influence on Kostov himself. Styles reflecting The Chainsmokers can be seen in the melodies and the instrumentals, however the song also stays true to Kristian's personal style. It's important to note that Kristian's brother Daniel Kostov and his girlfriend, Maria Erke co-produced the song, video and wrote the lyrics. This gives an explanation to the innocent yet mature feel to the song and the lyrics, as well as why it reflects Kristian so well. He spends a majority of his time with his family, often in the studio or at home writing and just messing around (musically) with both Daniel and Maria, meaning they understand who he is and helping him stay grounded and true to himself, both in a professional/personal sense as well as musically. I think their influence on Kristian has allowed him to choose the right path for him to follow. It's no secret that Kris is aiming big and I believe the direction he's headed in now is the perfect way to get him to where he is aiming for, and his family is a big contribution to getting him to that place and keeping him on that path.

Kristian and his brother Daniel working on a new song together.

As Kristian enters the new year with the best surprise for his fans, it wasn't all smooth sailing for him. Just as 2017 was coming to a close, The One (I Need You) was leaked and released on Spotify almost a week early. Though most fans had already listened to the new track, Spotify were going to remove it from the app due to this slip up. Come January 4th, the song was officially released and was back on Spotify, along with other music streaming platforms.

A complete contrast to his previous single "Глубина", released October 27th,2017, this song is upbeat and energetic, as well as it being in English, making it the first English single he's released since Bulgarian Eurovision entry "Beautiful Mess", almost a year later.

The overall look of the music video, released the same day as the song, gives us a feeling of warmth and adoration for Kristian. Paired with the sweet lyrics, the music video has an enchanting and endearing appearance.

It is no lie we here at Eurovoxx love Kristian and everything he creates, but we must say that this style really suits him and is definitely the type of music we'd love to keep hearing from him. Of course, Глубина and all previous singles, as well as his covers, all seem to fit his vocal range well, and who knows, maybe Kostov will continue to surprise us with what he releases. We're excited to see what his next move is, and if he'll release something he's never done before. Guess we'll just have to wait and see!

You can watch the music video for The One here;

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