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Hungary | Listen to all 30 songs from A Dal 2018

In just a few weeks time, the first 10 acts of Hungary's National Final for Eurovision 2018, A Dal, will compete in the first heat to win one of six places in the semi-finals.

In the meantime, all of the 30 songs taking part in A Dal are now available for you to listen to. You can listen to them here:

Back in December 2017, 'The Matter' and 'Nemzenekar' both withdrew from the competition, being replaced by 'Patikadomb' and 'Viki Singh' respectively. This will be the second time that Viki Singh is taking part in A Dal, the first being in 2017 with 'Rain'.


This year's A Dal will consist of six shows in total: there will be three heats starting on January 20 running through to February 3. Six acts from each heat will qualify to one of the two semi finals scheduled to take place on February 10 and 17 respectively. The winner will then be decided in a live televised final on February 24 with a combination of public and jury voting.

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