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Malta | MESC 2018 Songs Released

January 6, 2018

This week TVM released the songs of the 16 songs due to take part in Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2018 on February 3rd, as well as a change to the rules in voting for this edition of the contest.




The videos were released on tvm.mt, as well as on YouTube at the channel "Eurovision Song Malta" all of which have been put in a single playlist which you can listen to here.

This edition of MESC will see 16 artists compete to represent Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest, as tradition with MESC, it boasts a host of familiar faces such as Christabelle, Brooke, and Firelight lead singer Richard Edwards, as well as some debutants to the contest, including Avenue Sky, who are the first boyband to ever compete in the competition.


MESC 2018 was initally promoted to follow the same voting rules as last year, where it was solely down to the public to select an entry, however it has been revisited and now a jury will be brought in also to help decide the entry for Malta, however in the past where the five jury members had control of 5/6 of the vote and outcome, this year it is a lot more balanced with the public and jury being a 50/50 split. The members of the jury have not yet been revealed, nor the system to keep the a fair equal divide. 


The running order has yet to be revealed but it has already randomly drawn that newcomer Aidan will open the show with his entry "Dai Laga" and Petra will close with her song "Evolution" The 16 entrants and song titles are as follows:


AIDAN - Dai Laga

Avenue Sky - We Can Run 

Brooke Borg - Heart Of Gold

Christabelle Borg - Taboo

Danica Muscat - One Step At A Time 

Deborah C - Turn It Up 

Dwett - Breaking Point 

Eleanor Cassar - Back To Life

Jasmine Abela - Supernovas

Lawrence Gray - Love Renegade 

Matthew Anthony - Call 2morrow 

Miriana Conte - Rocket 

Petra - Evolution 

Rhiannon - Beyond Blue Horizons 

Richard & Joe - Song For Dad

Tiziana Calleja - First Time 


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