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France | Noée: My song is ode for women

The French broadcaster France 2 has revealed the first 9 artists that will compete in the national selection 'Destination Eurovision'. One of them is a talented singer-composer Noée who will perform in the first semifinal with the song 'L'un près de l'autre' . Eurovoxx had the great honour of talking to her before she performs in the first semi final.

1.Tell us more about yourself?

Noée: My name is Noée, I'm a french singer-composer. And I'm a contestant in Destinaton Eurovision,the French selection.

2. When did you decide to sign up for Destination Eurovision?

Noée: First, I composed a song with my team, and I fell in love with this song. I decided to sing it. It was obvious for me.

3. How did you prepare for Destination Eurovision?

Noée: I actually do nothing. I'm resting for the moment under the sun and listening to music all day long. I'm just relaxing and beginning to be impatient about the show.

4. Have you ever followed Eurovision, do you have a favorite song?

Noée: I watch eurovision since 2012 and my favorite contestant is Salvador Sobral. I think he's the most amazing singer.

5. Tell us something about your song?

Noée: My song is a waltz. It's sweet and powerful, i'm in love with this song, it's a about a woman who fights for her couple, it's an ode for women.

6. Your plans after Destination Eurovision, maybe an album?

Noée: I'm releasing my new songs in the beginning of 2018,it's the project. I've been working on my album for a few month's now.

Check out the link below for a short snippet of the song:

The team at Eurovoxx would like to wish Noée "Bon Chance" for her performance this Saturday. Tell us what you think of her chances in the comments below.

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