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95 Songs Submitted For Belarus National Final

The deadline is over. The national broadcaster for Belarus BTRC has revealed that they have had a total of 95 songs submitted for the chance to represent the eastern nation at the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon 2018.

All artists will be asked to perform at a live audition in Minsk, which will be streamed online. This selection will take place on January 11th 2018. Only 15 singers will go through to the next stage. It has been revealed that "Uzari" who is no stranger to the contest is one of the 95 songs submitted. He represented Belarus in 2015 with the song "Time".

It is expected that the national final will take place on March 1st 2018 with the winner to be chosen through a combination of a 50/50 jury and public vote. As previously reported by Eurovoxx if there is a tie after all this, the jury vote will over rule the public vote.

The show will be hosted Teo and Olga Ryzhikova. Stay tuned to Eurovoxx for further announcements.

Could the next artist be as successful as Naviband? Tell us in the comments below.

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