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Bulgaria means business! BNT teases return of former Eurovision artist as song titles released!

BNT - the Bulgarian national broadcaster certainly knows how to get EuroFans in a frenzy, and hoping to build on their formidable success in recent years - have been teasing us all with details of the songs and artists competing in their national selection to find their song for Lisbon.

With huge success with the likes of Poli Genova (4th - Stockholm 2016) and 2017 runner up - Kristian Kostov - BNT are hoping to go one better and finally steal the Eurovision crown in 2018.

In a series of tweets over recent days, the song titles of all 13 participating songs have been released:

- Cold As Ice

- Collide

- Rebirth

- Colours

- Bones

- A New Home

- Love Never Lies

- Sky Symphony

- Choosing

- Bad News

- Lovers To Enemies

- You Will Be The Change

- Two Hearts Collide

Along with the song titles, the broadcaster is also beginning to release teasers on the styles of each of the competing songs:

So far we have learned that Colours is a catchy, uptempo tune with a modern RnB flavour; Bad News is a mix of Broadway and commercial; Bones is dark, modern, "silent" and soulful; Sky Symphony is uptempo, optimistic with a Eurasion flavour; Two Hearts Collide is mid-tempo commercial reggae; Cold As Ice is "Eurovisionish", uptempo, with a key-change and a possible duet and Collide is a current, edgy Rnb inspired radio friendly track!

But this is not the only exciting announcement regarding their plans for 2018! BNT have gone one-step further and announced that one of the projects will see the return of a former Eurovision artist and have announced the project as "insane". In a tweet released today, the broadcaster released names of previous Eurovision Top 5's and Bulgarian artists to exclude from the list of potential artists for the 2018 selection prcoess, which has left fans speculating as to who will be bidding to become Bulgaria's participant for Lisbon, with some fans even throwing such names as Sergey Lazarev and Loreen into the mix.

Who do you want to see returning to Eurovision for Bulgaria? Can the project be as insane as BNT are hinting? Let us know in the comments below!

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