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Switching Sides, ALEKSEEV Withdraws From Ukraine Selection For Belarusian Selection

Only 10 days ago we announced that up and coming artist ALEKSEEV was contemplating throwing his hat into the ring to represent Ukraine, however it seems now he has switch allegiances.

ALEKSEEV had said in the past he was ready to participate in Eurovision and was in the middle on contemplating submitting an entry into the Ukrainian selection - Vidbir 2018. However once of the broadcasters overlooking the show, STB have confirmed ALEKSEEV did in-fact submit an entry, but has asked for the entry to be withdrawn from consideration for the selection.

However, media outlet "Sputnik" are reporting the up and coming singer is now intending on competing in the Belarusian selection instead, the deadline for the Belarusian national selection closed on December 26th, with auditions to be compete in the selection happening January 11th. It is unsure of ALEKSEEV has submitted the same entry he did to the Ukranian selection, or with something different.

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