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Israel | 70 contestants battle it out to advance to next stage tonight!

Auditions in Israeli National Selection - "The Next Star" have finished, and tonight is the time for next stage - shortlisted stage, and the remaining seventy contestants will perform in front of 4-member jury. Following the performances the four-member jury will select twenty contestants who will go through to the live shows, and you can watch the live webcast here

Back in October, Israel’s search for their next Eurovision artists began with the Audition stage of their national selection, The Next Star. Out of the selected 120 contestants ninety-nine were shown in the 10 televised auditions where performers were required to achieve 70% of the votes during their performance in order to advance. Each member of the judging panel could boost a performer's score by 10%.

Following a change in the rules of the competition, the hosts of the shows could also save performers who did not manage to achieve 70% of the votes during the audition phase, the selected performers would also advance, regardless to their scores during the auditions. In the end, seventy contestants advanced to the next round, from which 59 reach 70% or more and 11 saved by the hosts, instead of the original seventy-one, following one contestant's withdrawal from the competition - Liat Banai.

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