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No Language Change To Albania Entry

It has been announced today that for the first time since 2013, Albanian will be heard in the Eurovision Song Contest. This is after Eugent Bushpepa has decided to keep his song in his native Albanian.

Eugent, 33 was selected to represent Albania after winning Festivali I Kenges on December 23rd with the song "Mall" which translates into Yearning in English, the rules state in FIK the singers MUST perform in the native Albanian, however after the festival, can edit the song to see how they see fit for the contest, including the language, this has proven in years gone by for the acts to change the language it is sung in at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Eugent however has said the lyrics shall be staying in Albanian, mainly because the lyrics fit the melody of the song in their current format, a revamp however is required on "Mall" as the track currently sits at four minutes thirty seconds, meaning a third of the song needs to cut before it arrives in Lisbon, however no date has been given as to when a new version of the song shall be released.

Albania have not had the best luck in the contest when it comes to singing in their native language, Albanian has only featured in the final twice, back in 2008 and again in 2012 where Rona Nishliu placed 5th in the final, still Albania's best result in the contest

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