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60 Shortlisted Songs For Selectia Nationala

TVR have this week revealed the 60 songs which shall compete in their revamped mammoth six week selection process to find their 2018 candidate.

The selection is due to take place during January and over into February, over six weeks consisting of five semi finals and one Grand Final, although the dates of the semi finals have not yet been officially announced we do know the final will take on Sunday 25th February 2018.

The format for their fortcoming selection sounds simple enough, the 60 songs will be split into five heats of 15, taking places in different cities across Romania, in each semi final, the jury will select the top three to advance to the final, from there, the 15 which survived will compete one last time for the public support, and the act which comes out on top with the televote is off to Lisbon to represent Romania!

All acts had to perform on 19th and 20th December to the jury and the 60 entries which advanced are as follows:

1 “A Love Worth Falling For” – Lina 2 “All The Love Away” – Erminio Sinni & Titziana Camelin 3 “All We Need” – SAVE 4 “Auzi Cum Bate” – Jukebox feat. Bella Santiago 5 “Breaking Up” – Alessandro Danescu 6 “Buna De Iubit” – Feli 7 “Come Back To Me” – Zavera 8 “Daca Dragostea E Oarba” – Zoltan 9 “Daydremer” – Mares Pana 10 “Desert De Sentimente” – Tiri 11 “Devoted” – Johnny Badulescu 12 “End The Battle” – Meriem 13 “Every Little Thing” – Sergiu Bolota 14 “Fara Tine” – Dora Gaitanovici 15 “Fire In The Sky” – Aurel Dinca 16 “Fix Me” – Daniel Freia 17 “Fly” – Teodora Dinu 18 “From Underneath” – Hellen 19 “Goodbye” – The Humans 20 “Heaven” – M I H A I 21 “I Am Here”- Paula Crisan 22 “I Won’t Lie” – Iliana 23 “King” – Tavi Clonda 24 “La La La” – Vyros 25 “Lightning Strikes” – Jessie Banes 26 “Live Your Life” – Evermorph 27 “Maybe This Time” – Romeo Zaharia 28 “Mesom Romales” – Eduard Santha 29 “Mirror” – Echoes 30 “Nirvana” – Cristian Siminonescu 31 “Nobody Told Me It Would Hurt” – Alex Florea 32 “Noi Suntem Padure” – Othello 33 “Out Of The Dark” – Alice Jeckel 34 “Paint It Rainbow” – Diana Bratan 35 “Raza De Soare” – Dan Manciulea 36 “Reach Out For The Stars” – Carolina Gorun 37 “Reborn” – Waleska 38 “Rekindle The Flame” – Lion’s Roar 39 “Revival” – Elena Hasna 40 “Rise Up” – Liviu Anghel 41 “Run For You” – Miruna Diaconescu 42 “Safari” – Serena 43 “Sail With Me” – Alexandru Ungureanu 44 “So Good Without You” – Eliza Chifu 45 “Somebody To Love” – Manuel Chivari 46 “Sweet Nothing” – Maria Suciu 47 “Take Me Away” – Cornel 48 “Te Voi Chema” – Pragu De Sus 49 “Teardrop Rain” – Tom Leo Wiart 50 “Tears” – Denisa Trofim 51 “The One” – Claudia Andas 52 “The Perfect Fall” – Elena Turcu 53 “The Story Goes On” – Ayona 54 “Thinking About You” – Endless Feat Maria Grosu 55 “Time After Time” – Ioana Ciornea 56 “Too Busy For My Heart” – Bernice Chitiul 57 “Try” – Xandra 58 “Una Oportunidad” – Nicoleta Ticala 59 “Walking On Water” – Alexia & Matei 60 “We Are One” – Rafael

Noteable names on the list are firstly Alex Florea, who represented Romania in 2017 as part of a duo with Ilinca and went onto place 7th in the final with their R&B/yodelling fusion song "Yodel It!" this year he is trying his hand solo with the song "Nobody Told Me It Would Hurt" Also back in the selection is 2017 selection runner up and 2006 act MIHAI. He expressed his interest to participate when we spoke to him back in August at EuroStarz and he has followed through on his plans, he will competing with the song "Heaven"

So what do you think of the 60 entries? Heard any? Excited by any of the names, make sure to let us know!

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