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Bulgaria To Reveal Eurovision Entry March 12th

BNT today have announced that their artist and song for the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon will be revealed on March 12th.

In a number of announcements made by the broadcaster this morning, all accessible via their twitter (@bg_eurovision) it was first revealed they are extending the deadline for submissions, having initially been set for 20th December 2017, it has since been pushed back to 29th December, they then announced that the song and artist will be selected internally and decided by January 31st but shall not be revealed publicly until March 12th.

BNT have also announced some facts and figures regarding their selection process thus far, they have revealed they have currently received 147 songs, which have been considered and submitted by eight producers so far, as well as the song BNT also ask for a detailed project to accompany the song, in the sense of staging, lighting and camera work, so far eleven projects have been submitted formally. So far all the songs received are in English and also involve 2 international artists as well as four of the entries being submitted and worked on by a Bulgarian/international based team.

Bulgaria returned to the contest in 2016 after missing the 2014 & 2015 contest, since their return however they have had two top five finishes in the Grand Final, firstly from Poli Genova, quickly followed by Kristian Kostov in Kyiv.

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