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ALEKSEEV Expresses Interest In Ukrainian National Final

Up and coming Ukrainian artist, ALEKSEEV has expressed an interest and desire to compete in Ukraine's forthcoming national final - Vidbir 2018.

Full name Alekseev Nikita Vladimirovich, it all started when the 24 year-old from Kyiv asked his fans at a recent gig, asking wether or nit he should enter the selection to be the next act for Ukraine, when the audience reacted with a resounding yes, he claimed he would think about it. However since then he has fully and publicly expressed his interest to compete in the selection on his Instagram.

ALEKSEEV got his break in Ukraine after he competed on The Voice Ukraine, depsite being eliminated after the first live show, his on show mentor - Ani Lorak, helped him with his breakthrough into music with his debut single "Everything Is In Time" back in 2014. Since then he has released a EP titled "Hold" and released six songs as singles from his album "Drunken Sun" two of which broke in the Ukraine charts top 3 and Drunken Sun being released a single topping the charts.

ALEKSEEV is the third high class act either confirmed or interested in taking part in Ukraine's selection. After TAYANNA confirmed ther participation and turing to the public to vote on which song should be submitted and televote winner from Vidbir 2017 Melovin also expressing his desire to return and get revenge on his result last year. Vidbir 2018 will have two semi finals competing on the 10th and 17th February respectively with the final commencing Febuary 24th.

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