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Alterations To A Dal 2018 Lineup

Mere days after the 30 artists which are due to compete in A Dal 2018 to represent Hungary at Eurovision in Lisbon, they has been changes to who shall be competing, after two acts have withdrawn and therefore been replaced.

Firstly group The Matter withdrew from the competition, in a statement put out by the group, their withdrawal came after the lead singer Mushu had experienced unforeseen personal circumstances which meant he has to stay in Vienna for the next few months and therefore could not meet the requirements and commitments for the competition, they were due to compete with the song "Broken Palms". In a case of an withdrawal, MTVA simply go down the list of the rest of the submissions the pre show jury scored and picked the next ranked song, so will be replaced by the 31st highest placing song and 1st reserve which is "Jó szelet!" and will be performed by Patikadomb.

The second act to withdraw from the competition is Nemzenekar, who cited their withdrawal down to further unforeseen circumstances and obligations, which will prevent the group from competing in the forthcoming competition with the song "Waiting" but however will now be replaced by A Dal 2016 and 2017 competitor Viki Singh. Viki did not advance from the heats in 2016 but managed to go one step further in 2017 when her song "Rain" made the semi finals, can she go one step further again in 2018? She will performing with the song "Butterfly House"

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