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Public To Decide TAYANNA Vidbir 2018 Entry

UA:PBC today announced the first act to be competing in their national selection format, Vidbir, and it is 2017 national finalist runner up TAYANNA.

TYANNA - real name Tetyana Reshetnyak, was announced this afternoon as the first artist competing in the forthcoming national selection of Ukraine - Vidbir, last year TAYANNA narrowly missed out with her song "I Love You" which was co-wrote by 2012 national final runner up Max Barsikh. TAYANNA despite being a public favourite from the start of the selection and easily winning the public televote in her heat by nearly six percent of second, she narrowly missed out in the final, when despite winning the jury vote, finished third in the public, meaning TAYANNA and O.Torvald had a tied combined jury/televote score, O.Torvald however won the spot at Eurovision as they received the most public votes.

Despite the heartbreak of being so close and yet so far, TAYANNA is returning to the contest, with an unusual method of choosing her entry, it was revealed by the broadcaster today that TAYANNA will release four songs from her new upcoming album, in partnership with online radio station NRJUkraine, on the website will be a poll for people to vote for their favourite song from the four, the winner of this poll will be the song TAYANNA will take forward and compete with in the national selection.

The format of Vidbir appears to be unchanged from recent years, with 24 acts and songs to be shortlisted again, two of the juries members from the 2017 edition have already confirmed to be reprising their roles, they are 2016 Eurovision winner Jamala and Andriy Danylko, last years host Serhiy Prytula will be returning also.

It was also reported back in mid November that Mélovin, who placed 3rd behind O.Torvald and TAYANNA will also be returning to the selection, when asked if he will compete again, he said the following:

"I think I'll apply. I want to take revenge. Don't want to let the audience down. I won the public vote, so I need to try again. I'm already working on a song".

So what do you think of TAYANNA returning? Is having the public select her song for the national final entirely fair? let us know your thoughts?

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